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Dick’s nuts

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5 years 11 months ago #2013 by sozzled
Dick’s nuts was created by sozzled
Dick Smith is many things:  an entrepreneur, philanthropist, adventurer, writer,...

Laugh at him or admire him, Dick Smith as as fair dinkum as The Wiggles, Qantas, sausage sizzles at polling booths and Akubra hats.  It is with some sadness that our favourite and preferred brand of peanut butter—OzEnuts (crunchy, of course, what else?)—will soon disappear.  We read in the news a couple of days ago that Dick will be closing his food products business for reasons best known to him but, as he says, putting the blame on the supermarkets for making it impossible to compete on a level playing field.

When you visit your supermarket, finding Dick's OzEnuts can be a challenge; more often than not, they're placed on the bottom shelves.  Coupled with the fact that they're higher priced than their competitors, OzEnuts (and other products from this business) are not turning customers on.  Indeed, one commentator suggests that the failure of Dick Smith Foods is a natural consequence of being too pricey.


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