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The committee system

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4 years 1 month ago #2023 by sozzled
The committee system was created by sozzled
One bright sunny morning a jolly rooster did what...

One bright sunny morning a jolly rooster did what he had done a thousand times before and announced the beginning of the new day with his characteristic—if not suitably endorsed, trademarked—“Cock-a-doodle-do”.

Happy in the knowledge that he had done his duty, the jolly rooster went back home to have a rest.

On arriving home, the jolly rooster noticed an envelope pinned to the front door of his house. He opened the envelope and there was a letter inside that read

Dear Jolly Rooster,

It has been reported that your morning call contained a word that could be misunderstood by the rest of the community. The specific word was “doodle”. Would you please remove the word “doodle” from your morning calls in future.

Thank you

The farmer.

The jolly rooster did not feel too jolly after reading this letter. He thought to himself, “I wonder who reported my morning call to the farmer?


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